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Medication usage auditing based on analysis of infusion pump network traffic
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1. A system configured to audit reported amounts of infused medications, comprising:
a computer configured to:
receive packets captured from transmissions sent over a communication network, wherein the packets comprise data related to activity of infusion pump systems, sent to be stored in an electronic medical record system (EMR system) of a medical facility, and not in response to a communication sent by the computer;
perform deep packet inspection of the packets;
determine, based on results of the deep packet inspection, a type of the infusion pump systems;
utilize a predetermined payload format, used by devices of the type of the infusion pump systems, to extract from the packets values comprising dosages of medications delivered to patients during treatment sessions using the infusion pump systems;
calculate, based on the values, actual amounts, which are amounts of the medications that were provided to the patients during the treatment sessions;
receive reported amounts, which are amounts of the medications reported as being provided to the patients during the treatment sessions; and
forward a result of a comparison between the actual amounts and the reported amounts.