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Virtual classroom over a group meeting platform
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1. A computer-implemented method, comprising:
receiving, in a server, a data feed from multiple client devices used by multiple participants in a group meeting,
wherein the data feed comprises at least one of a video stream, an audio stream, and a user selection;
merging the data feed from each of the participants into a group presentation;
providing the group presentation to one or more of the participants;
tracking at least one application data from at least one participant in the group meeting;
providing, in the group presentation, an assignment to a selected group of participants in the group meeting, the assignment selected by a second participant;
generating a grade of the assignment for each participant in the selected group of participants based on a template document stored in a database;
providing, to the second participant, the grade of the assignment for each participant in the selected group of participants; and
arranging multiple video feeds of the participants in a podium for a teacher, a front row for a teaching assistant, and a gallery view for a student, wherein:
the application data is generated by an application running in a client device for the at least one participant and hosted by the server,
the application data comprises a feature in the video stream, the audio stream, or the user selection in the client device, and
the podium and the front row are static fields and the gallery view comprises a scrollable field.