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Interactive enclosure with virtual reality
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1. An enclosure comprising: a perimeter; a wall structure corresponding to the perimeter; the wall structure supporting a roof, the roof disposed above the wall structure; the wall structure and the roof defining an interior void of the enclosure; wherein a portion of the wall structure includes a sound attenuating material; an interactive device disposed on an exterior surface of the wall structure; the wall structure including a doorway with a door that provides access to the interior void of the enclosure; a security system associated with the door, wherein the security system selectively locks and unlocks the door to allow a user to enter through the doorway into the interior void of the enclosure an interactive system disposed within the interior void of the enclosure, the interactive system configured to provide virtual banking services to the user within the enclosure; the interactive system including a camera and a display, wherein a bank associate is displayed on the display to provide the virtual banking services to the user; the interactive system further including a slot disposed proximate the display, wherein the slot is configured to selectively dispense a document when a command from a remote server is received, wherein access to the enclosure is scheduled by an appointment, made by the user through a mobile device; and wherein the mobile device used to schedule the appointment is also used by the user to interact with the security system to unlock the door to allow the user to enter into the interior void of the enclosure, and wherein climate settings of the enclosure are accessed through the mobile device.