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Game access device with privileges
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1. An apparatus comprising:
at least one processor configured to control:
obtaining from one or more of communication objects, each of the communication objects worn by a respective player, information regarding a specific player,
wherein at least one of said one or more communication objects includes an RFID tag and a temperature sensor and alters a communication pattern thereof in response to a change in temperature indicative of removal from a player, and
in which the one or more communication objects are of a gaming player verification system for use in conjunction with one or more gaming machines adapted for accepting wagers, presenting gaming events thereupon and granting monetary awards;
verifying whether the information regarding said specific player is adequate according to one or more set criteria for verifying a player;
denying initiation or continuation of a particular gaming event when a determination, from the information, is that the information is unacceptable or insufficient information has been obtained;
determining an amount of time that the at least one of said one or more communication objects is worn and an amount wagered during the amount of time; and
determining a payment amount due from a sponsor based on the amount of time and amount wagered.