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Game account access device
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1. A system associated with an interface of an electronic device of a merchant to communicate over a communication network with input and output interfaces of electronic devices for electronic purchases over the communication network, the system configured to:
communicate to an interface of a server an identifier of a user making a purchase and an identifier of the merchant, wherein the server maintains identifiers for at least a first account of the user and a second account of the user, wherein the first account is associated with the merchant, wherein the user may use the first account for a first set of purchases made at the merchant and not for a second set of purchases, and wherein the user may use the second account for the second set of purchases and not the first set of purchases;
receive from an interface of the server the identifier of the first account, wherein the server determines and communicates the identifier of the first account based on the identifier of the user and the identifier of the merchant;
based on the identifier of the first account, determine whether the user has sufficient funds in the first account to complete the purchase;
communicate with one or more player tracking devices to obtain information from the electronic device of the user; and
communicate with a server to verify whether the obtained information regarding the user meets one or more criteria for verifying the user.