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Real-time object recognition using cascaded features, deep learning and multi-target tracking
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1. An object recognition system, the system comprising:
one or more processors and a non-transitory computer-readable medium having executable instructions encoded thereon such that when executed, the one or more processors perform operations of:
utilizing a three-stage cascaded classifier for classifying an object, wherein utilizing the three-stage cascaded classifier comprises:
training an integral channel feature (ICF) detector offline using decision trees and a boosted learning approach;
applying the trained ICF detector to an input image of a scene in a first stage of the cascaded classifier to learn a plurality of candidate target regions, wherein each candidate target region represents a candidate object,
wherein the ICF detectors use at least an oriented edges channel and a magnitude of gradients channel, wherein each channel is a sum of pixel values over a rectangular region within the candidate target region;
in a second stage of the cascaded classifier, applying a trained convolutional neural network (CNN) classifier to the input image of the scene and the candidate target regions, resulting in a plurality of initially classified objects; and
using a multi-target Kalman filter tracker in a third stage of the cascaded classifier, tracking the initially classified objects, resulting in a classification output; and
controlling a device based on the classification output.