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Method, apparatus, and system for generating feature correspondence between image views
Anish Mittal, San Francisco, CA (US); Zhanwei Chen, Richmond, CA (US); and Joseph Kurian, Chicago, IL (US)
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1. A computer-implemented method for determining a feature correspondence between image views comprising:
retrieving a top down image for an area of interest;
determining a ground level camera pose path for the area of interest;
translating a threshold distance obtained from a trajectory of a ground level camera traveling through the area of interest into pixel coordinates of the top down image;
selecting a portion of the top down image that includes the pixel coordinates corresponding to a geographic area within the threshold distance;
processing the portion of the top down image to identify a semantic feature; determining a subset of camera poses of the ground level pose path that is within a sphere of visibility of the semantic feature;
retrieving one or more ground level images captured with the subset of camera poses; and
determining the feature correspondence of the semantic feature between the top down image and the one or more ground level images.