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Optical contrast enhancement for defect inspection
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1. A method for inspection an object, the method comprises:
acquiring a defocused image of an area of an object; and
processing the defocused image of the area to find a phase shift between optical paths associated with proximate points of the area; wherein the phase shift is indicative of a defect;
wherein the acquiring of the defocused image comprises illuminating the area with a radiation beam that is spatially coherent and collimated when impinging on the area;
wherein the illuminating comprises passing the radiation beam through an aperture that is defined by an aperture stop that is positioned within an aperture stop plane; and
wherein a size of the aperture is a fraction of a size of the aperture stop; wherein the acquiring of the defocused image is preceded by entering the aperture stop within an illumination path and is followed by removing the aperture stop from the illumination path.