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Advertisement push system, apparatus, and method
Xuexi Yang, Guangdong (CN); and Pingfeng Cheng, Guangdong (CN)
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1. An advertisement push apparatus comprising a processor and a memory for storing program instructions, wherein the processor is configured to execute the program instructions to:
transmit an advertisement acquisition request to a background server, wherein the advertisement acquisition request carries user characteristic information reflecting at least one of basic personal information of a user or personal habits and use preferences of the user on a network;
receive a playing address of a foreground advertisement and preview materials of n candidate advertisements transmitted by the background server without transmitting playing addresses of the n candidate advertisements, wherein the foreground advertisement and the n candidate advertisements are selected by the background server from an advertisement pool according to a user type of the user determined by the background server based on the user characteristic information;
play the foreground advertisement according to the playing address of the foreground advertisement provided by the background server;
display, on a playing interface of the foreground advertisement, prompt information indicating an operable action to trigger a preview material selection interface, the prompt information includes at least one of a graphical icon describing the operable action, and a text prompt stating that performing the operable operation would trigger the preview material selection interface, the operable action including a shaking operation;
upon detection of the operable action performed on the apparatus, switch from displaying the foreground advertisement to displaying the preview material selection interface including the preview materials of all or some of the n candidate advertisements;
update the preview material selection interface based on a selection operation, comprising:
using different identifiers to distinguish selection status of the candidate advertisements, the selection status being selected status or unselected status; and
superimposing and displaying instruction information indicative of a selection sequence on each selected preview material; and
play at least one candidate advertisement from the n candidate advertisements, in response to the selection operation performed on the preview material selection interface.