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Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for fingerprinting signatures and enhanced signature capturing for charge card transactions on mobile communication devices
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1. A machine implemented method for capturing and processing electronic signatures, the method being performed by at least a mobile communication device and comprising:
the mobile communication device identifying, at a touch screen included in or operatively coupled to the mobile communication device, a transaction and transaction information, the transaction information comprising product or service information related to a transaction between a user and an entity and a signature of the user;
the mobile communication device executing a first transformation of the signature into one or more representations of the signature;
the mobile communication device reducing computational complexities of analyzing the signature at least by executing at least one second transformation of a combination of the one or more representations and at least some of the transaction information into a fingerprint having a fixed length; and
transmitting the one or more representations and the at least some of the transaction information from the mobile communication device to a remote server for storage in a repository via a computer network.