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Systems and methods for scheduling inbound products, stowing inbound products, and monitoring inbound error
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1. A computer-implemented system for receiving inbound products, the system comprising:
a memory storing instructions; and
at east one processor configured to execute the instructions to:
schedule a delivery of an inbound pallet based on a predetermined priority rule, the inbound pallet comprising at least two products;
modify a database to assign an inbound barcode to the inbound pallet;
receive, from a user mobile device, data in one format or protocol;
convert the received data into another format or protocol, wherein the converted data comprises a location of the user mobile device and the inbound barcode;
assign a pallet priority level of the inbound pallet, wherein the pallet priority level is assigned based on a weight of a product priority level of a product identifier associated with each of the at least two products;
provide a notification to the user mobile device to stow the inbound pallet within a timeframe based on the assigned pallet priority level;
predict a zone proximate the location of the user mobile device for stowing at least one product of the at least two products and a stowing capacity of the zone, wherein the prediction is based on the product priority level of the product identifier associated with the at least one product; and
modify the database to assign the product identifier to the zone for stowing the at least one product at the zone.