US 11,055,566 B1
Utilizing a large-scale object detector to automatically select objects in digital images
Khoi Pham, Hyattsville, MD (US); Scott Cohen, Sunnyvale, CA (US); Zhe Lin, Fremont, CA (US); Zhihong Ding, Fremont, CA (US); and Walter Wei Tuh Chang, San Jose, CA (US)
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1. A non-transitory computer-readable medium storing instructions that, when executed by at least one processor, cause a computing device to:
in response to receiving a query string indicating a query object to select within a digital image, generate a plurality of region proposals for potential objects in the digital image;
filter the plurality of region proposals to identify a subset of filtered region proposals;
generate one or more object labels for each filtered region proposal of the subset of filtered region proposals utilizing an auto tagging model; and
detect the query object from the subset of filtered region proposals based on the one or more object labels.