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Image processing system and method
Jih-Cheng Huang, Taoyuan (TW); Shin-Chen Hu, Taipei (TW); and Te-Chou Chang, New Taipei (TW)
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1. An image processing system comprising:
an image capturing unit comprising:
a camera capturing an image of a region of a wafer having a wafer mark;
a light source surrounding the camera, the light source capable of projecting through a plurality of chemical residues on the wafer mark, with different configurations; and
a wafer transfer stage for carrying the wafer;
an image processing unit comprising:
an image processor configured to perform calculations of the image processing unit to generate an output result; and
an object matching subsystem comprising:
an object matching unit comprising an artificial intelligence (AI) statistical model for performing a statistical analysis to identify each character of the wafer mark; and
a memory unit storing a set of probabilities of the object matching unit detecting each character of the wafer mark in each image of the wafer mark;
wherein the statistical analysis comprises comparing the set of probabilities, stored in the memory unit and determined by the AI statistical model, for detecting each character of the wafer mark to a threshold value.