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Method for determining anchor boxes for training neural network object detection models for autonomous driving
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1. A computer-implemented method for determining anchor boxes for training a neural network object detection model for autonomous driving, the method comprising:
plotting a plurality of bounding boxes in a two-dimensional (2D) space based on their respective dimensions;
clustering the plurality of bounding boxes into one or more clusters of the bounding boxes based on a distribution density of the bounding boxes on the 2D space;
for each of the clusters of bounding boxes, determining an anchor box to represent the corresponding cluster;
determining whether a distribution of the bounding boxes assigned to the anchor boxes satisfies a predetermined condition;
in response to determining that the predetermined condition has not been satisfied, adjusting a dimension of at least one of the anchor boxes on the 2D space; and
training a neural network model for detecting objects using the anchor boxes, wherein the neural network model is utilized to detect objects based on at least one of an image or a point cloud captured by a sensor of an autonomous driving vehicle.