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Method, system and apparatus for processing a page of a document
Gregory John Marr, Hillsborough (AU)
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1. A method of processing a page of a document, the method comprising:
receiving a plurality of commands describing graphical objects of the page configured to be reproduced in a first presentation mode, the plurality of commands indicating a type of each of the graphical objects, an enclosing region and a drawing order associated with each of the graphical objects;
determining an object significance score for each of the graphical objects using an object type and an object depth of the each of the graphical objects, the object depth being determined using the drawing order indicated by the plurality of commands;
determining logical structure elements of the page using the determined object significance scores and the enclosing regions associated with the graphical objects; and
processing the plurality of commands according to the determined logical structure elements and a second presentation mode which is different from the first presentation mode.