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Systems and methods for obtaining an electronic signature via a word processing application
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1. A system for obtaining an electronic signature, the system comprising:
a digital transaction service;
a client device executing a word processing application that is editing a first document, wherein the client device is configured to:
load a code module received from the digital transaction service into the word processing application;
in the word processing application using an interface provided by the code module, add a signature tag marker at a location in the first document;
collect recipient information that identifies a first signer via the code module executing within the word processing application; and
transmit the first document and the recipient information from the client device to the digital transaction service; and
wherein the digital transaction service is configured to:
receive the first document from the client device, wherein the first document includes the signature tag marker that was added to the first document by the word processing application;
receive recipient information from the client device; and
obtain an electronic signature from the first signer by:
preparing a second document that is a non-editable version of the first document and that does not include the signature tag marker;
associating a signing tag with a location on the second document that corresponds to the location in the first document; and
transmitting a request to the first signer to sign the second document via the signing tag.