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Input-directed constrained random simulation
Ali Abdi, Haifa (IL); and Guy Eliezer Wolfovitz, Haifa (IL)
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1. A method for input-directed constrained random simulation, the method comprising:
obtaining an initial state for a finite state machine (FSM) that models an electronic circuit design under test (DUT), the initial state assigning values to registers of the DUT, by providing, to a satisfiability problem (SAT) solver, an initial state function I(s) relating to the FSM, to obtain register values that satisfy the initial state function;
constructing a random Boolean circuit R(i);
querying the SAT solver or a different SAT solver for a satisfying assignment for a conjoined expression providing a conjunction of at least a valid-transition Boolean circuit T(s, i, s′) and the random Boolean circuit R(i), the valid-transition Boolean circuit describing valid transitions of the FSM as a function of current state s, inputs i, and next state s′; and
adding the satisfying assignment to the end of a constructed trace.