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Information processing apparatus, method, and storage medium to sequentially activate a plurality of modules after activation of a boot program
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1. A peripheral that has a printing function and is operable to sequentially activate a plurality of modules, implemented as software, after activation of a hoot program by an embedded controller of the peripheral, the peripheral comprising:
at least one processor; and
at least one memory coupled to the at least one processor and having stored thereon instructions which, when executed by the at least one processor, cause the at least one processor to function as
a detection unit to execute a verification process which uses verification information for verifying a signature of a module to be activated next to detect alteration of the module to be activated next, and
an activation unit to execute an activation process which activates the module to be activated next in a case where verification of the signature by the detection unit succeeds,
wherein the plurality of modules include at least a Basic Input/Output System (BIOS), a loader, a first kernel, and a first program, and the plurality of modules are activated in the following order: the BIOS, the loader, the first kernel, and the first program,
wherein each module holds in advance the verification information and its own signature, and
wherein peripheral holds at least a second kernel in addition to the first kernel as a spare, and executes, in a case where the second kernel is activated as a boot target, the verification process by the detection unit and the activation process by the activation unit.