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System and method for protection against ransomware attacks
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1. A method for protecting a file server from a ransomware attack, comprising:
assigning a session identifier to a remote session initiated with the file server;
monitoring operations on the file server associated with the session identifier;
determining whether the operations comprise any operations that are suspicious according to a policy;
creating a volume-level snapshot of files on the file server when the operations on the file server comprise any operations that are deemed suspicious;
determining that encryption of the data is occurring when entropy of the monitored data is growing faster than the predetermined threshold rate;
classifying the remote session as having a calculated degree of danger when the operations match operations contained in previously observed suspicious behavior patterns identified using machine learning applied to operations on the file server over a predetermined period of time;
interrupting the remote session when a combination of the degree of danger and the entropy is greater than a predetermined threshold value; and
restoring the data on the file server using the volume-level snapshot to a state prior to the encryption and dangerous activity.