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Methods, mediums, and systems for establishing and using security questions
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1. A non-transitory computer-readable medium storing instructions that, when executed, cause one or more processors to:
execute an application configured to interact with a centralized immutable log stored on a server;
receive a security question associated with a user and an answer to the security question;
generate a record for the centralized immutable log, the record comprising the security question, the answer, and authentication information;
transmit a request to the server to add the record to the centralized immutable log;
receive a record identifier for the record in the centralized immutable log, wherein the centralized immutable log is a blockchain, the record is a block in the blockchain, and the record identifier is a block identifier;
update the application with the record identifier, the update to configure the application to retrieve the security question from the immutable log in response to a second request to validate an identity of the user.