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Query and information meter for query session
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1. A computer implemented method comprising:
providing a series of queries to a first user via a client query device;
sending, by the first user, queries from the series of queries via the client query device to a second user of an information source client to start a conversation;
receiving information from the second user via the information source client responsive to the sent queries;
transcribing the sent queries and the received information into query text and information text;
determining a proportion of queries to information from the transcribed query text and information text, wherein the proportion indicates an amount of communications by the first user with respect to an amount of communications by the second user in the conversation;
generating a query communication responsive to the determined proportion exceeding a threshold, wherein the query communication being based on a group of open-ended and closed-ended queries such that the determined proportion exceeding the threshold results in selection of an open-ended new query; and
presenting the query communication to the first user of the client query device.