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Rules based albums
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1. A method for organizing media, the method comprising:
receiving, using an interface, at least one criteria for selecting at least one media item from a first user, each criteria being associated with an album and defining an object to be present in a media item or an object to be absent from a media item;
receiving, using the interface, at least one media item;
autonomously selecting, using a media analysis module, at least one media item that satisfies the at least one received criteria based on a rules engine executing a machine learning algorithm, wherein the selected media item satisfies the criteria based on an object present in the media item or an item absent from the media item as specified by the criteria;
autonomously transferring the at least one selected media item to the album associated with the satisfied criteria; and
updating the machine learning algorithm based on user feedback to identify an object to be present in a media item, wherein the user feedback involves:
a user adding an unselected media item that includes the object to be present to the album that was not previously transferred to the album, and
the user providing a command to update the machine learning algorithm in response to a suggestion to update the machine learning algorithm that is communicated to the user after the user adds the unselected media item so that other media items that include the object to be present are also transferred to the album.