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Scalable dynamic acronym decoder
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8. A non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing computer-readable program code, the computer-readable program code executable by a processor to:
receive, from a user interface, a query specifying a search term comprising an acronym, the query associated with an account;
process, by a database management system (DBMS) of a first virtual machine instance of a plurality of virtual machine instances, the query against a database of the DBMS to generate a result set, the query processed based at least in part on: (i) matching elements of a context vector describing the account and a plurality of content tags applied to each of a plurality of entries in the database;
return, by the DBMS of the first virtual machine instance, results of the result set as responsive to the query, each result in the result set comprising a respective definition for the acronym, the result set outputted for display via the user interface;
monitor use of a plurality of user interfaces including the user interface by a plurality of users;
generate, based on the monitoring, use data specifying: (i) a frequency of use of each of the plurality of user interfaces, (ii) a type of each query received via the plurality of user interfaces, (iii) a role of the users submitting queries via the plurality of user interfaces, and (iv) an organizational unit the users submitting queries are members of; and
process another query based at least in part on the generated use data, the another query comprising another acronym.