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Tracking change data in a database
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1. A method for tracking change data, said method comprising:
changing data in at least one field of a plurality of data in a database at a computer system, wherein said plurality of data is comprised within a base table of said database, said base table comprising an original state of said plurality of data, wherein said changing said data changes a record header for said at least one field within a change data table of said database, wherein said change data table comprises changes made to said base table, wherein said record header is collocated within said base table and said change data table;
creating a flag in said record header of said data signaling said change to said at least one field within said change data table; and
linking successive versions of said database together such that a subscriber accessing said database can automatically view a current version of said database with said change by accessing said record header of said data and identifying said flag within said record header of said data.