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Memory controller and method having predictive buffering of address mapping table
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1. A memory controller configured to receive a first read command and a second read command from a host device, the memory controller, comprising:
an artificial intelligence (AI) module, to generate an auxiliary command according to the first read command and at least one decision logic; and
a microprocessor, coupled to the AI module, to select a first logical address to physical address mapping table (L2P mapping table) according to a logical address included in the first read command, and to refer to the first L2P mapping table to read data from a memory module;
a buffer memory, coupled to the microprocessor, storing a second L2P mapping table from the memory module in direct response to the auxiliary command, wherein the second L2P mapping table does not include the logical address included in the first read command, wherein the second L2P mapping table is buffered in the buffer memory before the memory controller receives the second read command, wherein the second read command is a consecutive read command to the first read command, with respect to a command ordering.