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Virtualizing precise event based sampling
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1. A processor comprising:
a memory buffer;
a circuitry to execute an instruction within a virtual machine, wherein the circuitry executes a virtual machine monitor (VMM) to manage the virtual machine and comprises:
a processor tracer to capture trace data produced by execution of an instruction and to format the trace data as a plurality of trace data packets; and
an event-based sampler to generate field data for elements of a sampling record of the memory buffer in response to occurrence of an event of a certain type as a result of execution of the instruction;
wherein the processor tracer is further to, upon receipt of the field data from the event-based sampler:
format the field data into a group of record packets corresponding to the elements;
insert the group of record packets between ones of the plurality of trace data packets of the trace data, to generate a combined packet stream;
generate a time stamp counter (TSC) packet to indicate a precise time of insertion of the group of record packets;
insert the TSC packet associated with the group of record packets within the combined packet stream; and
store the combined packet stream in the memory buffer as a series of output pages using guest physical addresses.