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Tree-based snapshots
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1. A method for recovering or backing up a system, the method comprising:
generating a tree-based structure, the tree-based structure including a first snapshot, the first snapshot including at least a first feature, the first feature corresponding to a plurality of files and a plurality of pointers to the files;
determining a modification associated with the first feature since a first point in time when the first snapshot was generated;
identifying a first file from the plurality of files, the first file associated with the modification;
splitting the first feature into a first sub-feature and a second sub-feature, the first sub-feature including the first file, the second sub-feature including unmodified files in the plurality of files excluding the first file;
copying the first sub-feature to a second snapshot, the second snapshot being generated at a second point in time, the second point in time being subsequent to the first point in time;
generating a pointer to the first sub-feature to the second snapshot, the pointer including a file level hashing associated with the second point in time;
associating a first backward pointer with the second sub-feature including the unmodified files;
copying the first backward pointer to the second snapshot; and
restoring the system at least based on the first sub-feature and the first backward pointer in the second snapshot.