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Acceleration module supporting controlled configuration of a programmable logic device
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10. A method, comprising:
in an electronic device that comprises a Programmable Logic Device (PLD) coupled to a processor and to a Nonvolatile Memory (NVM) that stores a loadable shell image and a loadable user image, wherein the shell image supports at least communication with the processor, and wherein a bus client performs communication with a host in accordance with a bus protocol,
loading the shell image into the PLD upon initialization, and running the loaded shell image;
receiving from the processor, by the shell image, a load indication for selecting between the shell image and the user image; and
when the load indication selects the user image, loading the user image into the PLD and running the loaded user image, wherein a process of loading the shell image and then the user image completes before the host concludes attempting to enumerate the bus client of the user image in accordance with the bus protocol.