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Systems and methods for just-in-time application implementation
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1. A method for implementing applications on a user device on a just-in-time basis, the method comprising:
receiving a selection of an option presented in a user interface of a portal application, the option corresponding to an application or a bundle of applications;
obtaining, with an agent on the user device, an information package for the option through the portal application, the information package including parameters, one of the parameters indicating a type of virtual disk access;
querying, with the agent operating on the user device, the information package;
determining a use-policy based on the parameters identified from querying the information package, the use-policy specifying the type of virtual disk access and protocols for the agent to:
access a virtual disk corresponding to the selected application or bundle of applications, and
launch the selected application or bundle of applications from the virtual disk;
accessing the virtual disk with the agent according to the use-policy; and
sending, from the portal application to the agent, a resource request for an update on a status of at least one of a virtual disk download and an application launch;
wherein the resource request is one of a script request and an image request, and
wherein the resource request is generated by the portal application based on the information package in accordance with the type of virtual disk access as specified in the use-policy.