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Mobile terminal that performs wireless communication and control method for the same
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12. A control method for a mobile terminal having a communicator that receives Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio waves, comprising:
obtaining BLE radio waves via the communicator, a BLE advertisement packet being acquired from the BLE radio waves;
obtaining information of a plurality of image forming apparatuses which are candidates for performing BLE communication and which are sources of BLE radio waves satisfying a first received signal strength condition;
displaying a screen that prompts to a user of the mobile terminal to decide a communication partner from among the plurality of image forming apparatuses, the screen containing both a list made based on the obtained information and a prompting information that prompts to the user of the mobile terminal to bring the mobile terminal closer to the communication partner; and
establishing a communication relationship with one image forming apparatus which is a source of a BLE radio wave satisfying a second received signal strength condition stronger than the first received signal strength condition, wherein the BLE radio wave satisfying the second received signal strength condition is received in a state of the screen being displayed.