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Device-independent canvas
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1. A system comprising:
a discovery engine to:
discover printers on a network;
identify print services available to the printers on the network including a raster image processing (RIP) service;
generate a list of printers and print services available;
a composition engine to:
generate a device-independent canvas including a preview image of a page of a print job derived from the RIP service corresponding to a print apparatus and print service combination, the preview image oriented on the canvas using a layout relationship that adjusts a layout format based on printer setting information corresponding to the print apparatus and print service combination, the layout format corresponding to an amount of media space available when printing with the print apparatus and print service combination; and
generate the canvas using image library using mapping data and interactive data relationships that are interpretable by a presentation layer of a mobile device via a device-independent platform, wherein the canvas includes scripting code to instruct the presentation layer to render the canvas into device-specific code via a device-independent platform using media width and print job data;
wherein the canvas is created from a surface data set including a page with a thumbnail universal resource locator corresponding to the preview image and rotation information.