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Electronic device, method and system for detecting fingers and non-transitory computer-readable medium
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1. A hand-held controller for detecting fingers, comprising:
a touch panel, configured for sensing a touched position on the touch panel, wherein a plurality of areas are defined on the touch panel;
a plurality of distance detection sensors, configured for detecting a plurality of distance measurement signals; and
a processor electrically connected to the touch panel and the distance detection sensors, is configured to:
calculate a plurality of distances at a same direction between each of the distance detection sensors and the touched position;
calculate a plurality of distance values according to the distances, wherein the distance values are inversely proportional to the distances respectively;
determine a finger gesture information according to the plurality of distance measurement signals and the plurality of distance values, the finger gesture information indicating which one of the areas on the touched panel is touched; and
transmit a finger gesture, based on the finger gesture information, to an external device to display a simulated finger gesture of an avatar in a simulated scenario, wherein the finger gesture indicates which one of a plurality of fingers touches the areas, and each of the areas is corresponding to each of the fingers.