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Method for operating a vehicle information system with at least a first and a second display area and vehicle information system
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1. A method for operating a vehicle information system including a processor, a digital instrument cluster, and a center console display, the method comprising:
generating, in response to an activation signal, graphical data for an activation animation containing a first view comprising a first graphical object and displaying the first graphical object within the digital instrument cluster; and,
generating and displaying, in response to a transition signal received when an approach action, an unlocking action, a door-opening, a user entering or sitting-down or a vehicle being started is detected and after the first view is no longer displayed, graphical data for the activation animation containing a second view,
wherein the digital instrument cluster and the center console display are non-contiguous with one another,
wherein displaying the second view comprises a movement effect that depicts a movement of a light pulse emanating from the digital instrument cluster and propagating toward the center console display to aid perception of the movement of the light pulse between the non-contiguous instrument cluster and the console display, and
wherein generating and displaying the activation animation is according to a progress over time of a start-up procedure of the processor.