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Apparatus, method, and system for cumulative reporting of medical information
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1. A computer-implemented method for receiving, storing, managing, and displaying medical results, comprising:
providing a mobile device configured to present a graphical user interface (GUI) on a display to a user, the user comprising a physician, medical practitioner, or patient;
providing an electronic medical records (EMR) server with a processor and a memory;
authenticating, by the processor, the device and user with the EMR server;
allowing, by the processor, the device to request data in the memory from the EMR server;
normalizing the data by the processor;
comparing the data with one or more threshold values by the processor;
transmitting, from the EMR server to the device, in response to at least one of a request provided to the EMR server by the device or an alert, a data set comprising medical information provided in the memory of the EMR server;
optimizing the normalized medical information for display on a mobile device, wherein optimizing the normalized medical information for display on the mobile device comprises formatting the medical data into a homogeneous format based on a predetermined preference value defining a default display and converting the medical data into one or more graph elements compatible with the GUI of the mobile device;
displaying the transmitted normalized medical information through the GUI on the mobile device;
prompting at least one of the physician, practitioner, or patient to take action based on the compared data via a prompt provided on the graphical user interface, and providing, in association with the prompt, a confirmation dialog, wherein further access to the graphical user interface is secured behind the confirmation dialog; and
combining the data with a user input, said user input comprising an identity of the at least one of the physician, practitioner, or patient.