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Electronic device and operating method therefor
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1. An electronic device comprising:
a display;
a memory; and
a processor electrically connected with the display and the memory,
wherein the processor is configured to:
display a system button in a touch region of the display,
in response to execution of an application based on a full screen mode, display an execution screen of the application without the system button, and
while the execution screen of the application is displayed without displaying the system button:
in response to detection of a user input through the touch region, determine whether the user input corresponds to a first input or a second input based on a sensing value associated with the user input,
in response to a determination that the user input corresponds to the first input, execute a system function by means of the system button, and
in response to a determination that the user input corresponds to the second input, execute an application function according to the user input on the touch region,
wherein the sensing value comprises a first sensing value and a second sensing value, and
when the first sensing value by a touch detector is detected and the second sensing value by a force detector is detected, the processor is configured to identify the user input as the first input based on the second sensing value.