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Electronic device for reducing occurrence of unintended user input and operation method for the same
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1. An electronic device comprising:
a foldable housing comprising:
a hinge,
a first housing connected to the hinge and comprising a first surface facing a first direction and a second surface facing a second direction opposite the first direction, and
a second housing connected to the hinge, comprising a third surface facing a third direction and a fourth surface facing a fourth direction opposite the third direction, and configured to be foldable with respect to the first housing about the hinge
a display extending from the first surface to the third surface and comprising a touch controller configured to control a receiving function of an input on the display;
a processor disposed inside the first housing or the second housing and operatively coupled to the display; and
a memory operatively connected to the processor,
wherein the memory is configured to store instructions that, when executed, cause the processor to control the electronic device to:
detect changing an angle between the first housing and the second housing;
receive a touch event produced based on an input on the display;
identify if the electronic device is being folded in response to detecting the change in the angle; and
cancel the touch event corresponding to the input, based on identifying that the electronic device is being folded.