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Freezing system for electronic mobile device repair
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1. A system for freezing components/parts of electronic mobile devices, comprising:
a housing, said housing containing:
an engine;
an adjustable metal cooling head ring fixture affixed on to a cylindrical cooling head of the engine;
a metal plate attached to the adjustable metal cooling head ring fixture so that sub-zero Celsius temperatures of the cylindrical cooling head of the engine are transferred to the adjustable metal cooling head ring fixture and to the metal plate resulting in the metal plate reaching sub-zero Celsius temperatures and operating as a base upon which the electronic mobile device components/parts are placed in order to be frozen;
an encapsulation chamber for encapsulating the cylindrical cooling head of the engine, the adjustable metal cooling head ring fixture and the metal plate for temperature and air insulation purposes, for strength and vibration absorption purposes and also for forming a freezing chamber with the metal plate being the base of the freezing chamber;
a push down lid for sealing the freezing chamber and also for pushing the electronic mobile device parts/components firmly down on a surface of the metal plate;
a control printed circuit board with processor and software capable of controlling operation of the engine;
a power inlet utilized to power the control printed circuit board and the engine; and
an on/off switch for powering the system on and off.