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Management platform for additive manufacturing production line
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1. A management platform system for managing an additive manufacturing production line, the system comprising:
an additive manufacturing machine having a first sensor;
an auxiliary equipment having a second sensor; and
a server comprising:
security protocols;
a workflow module;
an industrial Internet of things (IIoT) module; and
a machine learning module;
wherein the workflow module, the IIoT module, the machine learning module, the additive manufacturing machine and the auxiliary equipment are in communication with each other using the security protocols;
wherein the machine learning module processes feedback from the first sensor and the second sensor to control operation of the additive manufacturing machine through the workflow module and the IIoT module; and
wherein the control of operation of the additive manufacturing machine comprises using the IIoT module to adjust a print parameter of a print recipe for making a part on the additive manufacturing machine, the print recipe containing print information for each layer in the part.