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Transfer unit and image-forming apparatus to increase a ratio of filled toner volume to toner container volume
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1. A transfer unit disposed in an image-forming apparatus, wherein the image-forming apparatus includes an image-bearing member configured to bear a toner image, the transfer unit comprising:
a belt that is movable, endless, and in contact with the image-bearing member;
a collection member which is in contact with the belt and configured to collect toner remaining on the belt;
a container, which is disposed in a region defined by an inner circumferential surface of the belt, which has an inlet through which the toner collected by the collection member enters the container, and which has a bottom surface on which the toner entering through the inlet is to be supported and an upper surface that is opposite to the bottom surface of the container; and
a single conveyance member which includes a conveyance portion spirally extending in a rotation axis direction and which is configured to rotate to convey the toner from the inlet in the container,
wherein, in a projected view of the container on a horizontal plane in a direction orthogonal to a movement direction and a width direction, a central region of the container is located in a region in which a middle region of trisected regions of the container in the movement direction overlaps a middle region of trisected regions of the container in the width direction, and
wherein the single conveyance member conveys the toner from the inlet toward the central region of the container.