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Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) mask for lithography and associated methods
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1. A method of forming an extreme ultraviolet (EUV) mask, the method comprising:
constructing a first monitoring macro considering an aberration caused by a slit that restricts EUV light to a partial region of the EUV mask during an EUV exposure process of a semiconductor substrate;
performing an optical proximity correction (OPC), performing the OPC including generating an OPC model of an EUV mask design layout using a plurality of second monitoring macros, wherein each of the plurality of second monitoring macros is substantially identical to the first monitoring macro;
correcting the OPC model;
inputting mask tape-out (MTO) design data acquired through the corrected OPC model;
preparing mask data for the EUV mask, the mask data including at least one of data format conversion, mask process correction (MPC), and job-deck for the MTO design data; and
performing electron beam writing on a mask substrate, based on the mask data, the electron beam writing forming a mask pattern of the EUV mask in the mask substrate, the mask data including an electron beam dose that is used to form the mask pattern during the electron beam writing.