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Projector and laser module thereof
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18. A projector, comprising:
an optical engine module;
a projection lens module, fixed to one side of the optical engine module;
a heat dissipation module, wherein a positioning groove is disposed between the heat dissipation module and the light engine module; and
a laser module, replaceably fixed in the positioning groove, wherein the laser module comprises:
a positioning member, comprising a main plate portion and two shoulder portions, wherein the main plate portion comprises a first upper surface and a first lower surface opposite to each other, a first front surface and a first rear surface opposite to each other, and a first left side surface and a first right side surface opposite to each other, and the two shoulder portions extend on a plane of the first upper surface from the first left side surface and the first right side surface of the main plate portion, respectively; and
a laser unit, fixed to the positioning member.