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Method for controlling an assembly comprising multiple switchable electrochromic individual panes and also control device and motor vehicle
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1. A method for controlling an assembly comprising multiple individual switchable electrochromic panes by setting a transmittance for each of the individual panes individually by a respective electrical actuation signal, comprising:
at a control device, recording respective state data of each individual pane at a time, and
establishing a configuration of the respective actuation signal for each individual pane on the basis of the state data,
wherein the configurations of the actuation signals are made to match one another in such a way that the individual panes have the same transmittance value;
wherein the state data of the individual panes indicate in each case a state of aging of the respective individual pane at the time, determined by an analyzer of the control device, and the configurations are determined on the basis of a predetermined aging model, which indicates for a given state of aging a transmittance characteristic of the individual pane; and
wherein, in the case of the respective individual pane, a respective impedance value for at least two different operating states of the individual pane is recorded by the analyzer and, on the basis of a difference or a ratio of the impedance values, an aging value describing the state of aging is formed.