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Method of fabricating a display panel and a display device with the display panel
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1. A display device, comprising:
a display panel; and
a light source to irradiate to the display panel a first color light having a peak wavelength within a specific wavelength range,
wherein the display panel comprises:
a first display substrate and
a second display substrate facing the first display substrate and,
wherein the second display substrate comprises:
a base substrate; and
a metal layer having metal grid patterns spaced apart from each other with substantially uniform pitch and disposed on the base substrate to block a fraction of an externally incident light in the specific wavelength range, and
a color conversion layer disposed on the base substrate covering the metal grid patterns, and filling a space between the metal grid patterns,
wherein the color conversion layer includes a luminous body configured to absorb the first color light and emit color light whose color is different from that of the first color light and includes a base resin and a scattering particle.