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Lens device and lens focusing method
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1. A lens device, comprising:
a hollow base comprising a bottom surface and an assembly plane opposite to the bottom surface, the assembly plane having a through hole;
a calibration ring comprising a shaft hole, a first annular surface, and a second annular surface axially opposite to the first annular surface, an inner wall of the shaft hole having an internal thread, the shaft hole corresponding to the through hole of the hollow base, and the second annular surface being fixed to the assembly plane of the hollow base via a curing adhesive layer; and
a lens assembly comprising a lens barrel, the lens barrel having an external thread, and the lens barrel being screwed to the internal thread of the calibration ring by the external thread;
wherein a thickness of the calibration ring is less than a thickness of the lens barrel, and a length of the external thread is greater than a length of the internal thread, so the lens barrel can be rotated related to the calibration ring and be moved out of the second annular surface.