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Compact near-eye display optics for higher optical performance
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1. A system comprising:
an interactive head-mounted display device adapted to house an image projecting device;
at least one processor for providing image content within the head-mounted display device; and
an optical assembly, the optical assembly including, for a first eyepiece and a second eyepiece:
a first curved lens including a first concave surface and a first convex surface, the first concave surface coupled to a flexible output filter assembly;
a second curved lens adjacent to the first curved lens, the second curved lens including a second convex surface and a flat surface;
a third curved lens, adjacent to the second curved lens, the third curved lens including a second concave surface and a third convex surface, the third curved lens being adjacent to an input filter assembly; and
a display panel adapted to receive image content from the image projecting device and transmit the image content through the optical assembly.