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Microscope control method and microscope
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1. A microscope control method for operating a microscope, the method comprising:
capturing an item of acoustic, graphically represented and/or electronically coded voice information by means of a detector, an optical capture unit and/or an interface;
comparing the voice information with stored reference commands;
determining a voice command on the basis of a predetermined degree of correspondence between at least one section of the voice information and a stored reference command;
selecting that reference command to which the voice command corresponds at least to a predetermined degree;
determining a plurality of probable future sequences of control commands based on the captured voice information;
indicating the plurality of probable future sequences of control commands to a user;
receiving a selection of one of the indicated sequences;
generating a control command suitable for operating the microscope, wherein the generated control command is either an invariable control command assigned to the selected reference command or the control command is generated on the basis of a rule assigned to the reference command for forming a generated control command; and
controlling the microscope by means of the assigned or generated control command.