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Multimode optical fiber with reduced cladding thickness
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1. An optical fiber comprising:
a multimode glass fiber, the multimode glass fiber including a core region with a radius r1 in the range from 17.5 μm to 32.5 μm and an outer cladding region with a relative refractive index Δ4 and a radius r4 less than or equal to 50.0 μm, the outer cladding region surrounding and directly adjacent to a depressed-index cladding region, the depressed-index cladding region having a radius r3 and a relative refractive index Δ34;
a primary coating with a radius r5 surrounding and directly adjacent to the outer cladding region, the primary coating having a thickness r5-r4 less than or equal to 30.0 μm and an in situ modulus less than 0.30 MPa; and
a secondary coating with a radius r6 less than or equal to 100.0 μm surrounding and directly adjacent to the primary coating; the secondary coating having a thickness r5-r6 less than 30.0 μm and a normalized puncture load greater than 3.6×10−3 g/μm2;
wherein the optical fiber has an overfilled launch (OFL) bandwidth greater than 500 MHz-km at a wavelength 850 nm or 1300 nm.