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Hyperspectral sonar
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1. A sonar vertical survey system comprising:
a broadband multibeam echo sounder system that avoids the use of matched filters, the system for installation on a water going vehicle;
an acoustic transceiver connected with plural transducers in a single linear transmit array arranged orthogonally with respect to plural transducers in a single linear receive array to form a Mills Cross;
the transceiver synthesizing a broadband transmitter waveform including a frequency modulated (FM), noise-like, click, or click train waveform with a center frequency between 20 kHz and 1000 kHz;
the transceiver operating within a band having a bandwidth of 100 kHz or more;
the broadband waveform exciting all frequencies within the band using the transmit array such that a 180-degree or smaller swath of a waterbody bottom or water column is ensonified by the waveform;
the receive array receives a waveform echo from ensonified scattering centers;
wherein data corresponding to the receive array returns are stored;
wherein band pass filters or Fourier transforms are applied to the stored data for mathematical analysis to produce filtered subsets or transformed subsets; and,
wherein a mathematical comparison is performed on at least two of the filtered subsets or transformed subsets and the results or information derived from the results of said mathematical comparison is available for subsequent use.