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Multispectral impedance determination under dynamic load conditions
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1. A method of measuring impedance, comprising:
exciting a device under test with a multispectral excitation signal for an excitation time period while the device under test is under a load condition from a load operably coupled to the device under test;
sampling a response of the device under test over a sample time period, wherein the excitation time period is within the sample time period such that the sample time period includes an in-band interval during the excitation time period, and one or more out-of-band intervals outside of the in-band interval;
estimating a load response of the device under test to the load condition during the in-band interval by analyzing samples of the response from the one or more out-of-band intervals;
computing adjusted samples by subtracting the estimated load response during the in-band interval from the samples from the in-band interval; and
estimating an impedance of the device under test by analyzing the adjusted samples.