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Test circuits for testing a die stack
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1. A device, comprising:
a die stack of two or more integrated circuit dies with associated test circuits corresponding to each level of the die stack, each of the test circuits has a set of pads;
a test data-input path routed from:
a test data-in pad through a test circuit to a test data-out pad of each of the test circuits; and
the test data-out pad to the test data-in pad between consecutive levels of the test circuits;
each of the set of pads including the test data-in pad and the test data-out pad respectively thereof;
a test data-output path coupled to the test data-out pad of a level of the levels, wherein the set of pads further comprises a test data-in return pad and a test data-out return pad, and wherein the test data-output path routed from:
the test data-out pad through the test circuit to the test data-out return pad of each of the test circuits; and
the test data-out return pad connected to the test data-in return pad between consecutive ones of the levels of the test circuits.